Kimmy - liberty station

Had so much fun shooting with Kimmy this past weekend. It was my first time connecting with someone through social media and I had no idea what to expect. I came across her Instagram account (kimicoyo) and was drawn by her look & style. Since she lived in the area, I decided to contact her. As with everything lately,  I took the leap and hoped for the best. I'm so glad I did because this may be the first of many photoshoots. 

I'm surprised she's not a fashion blogger already because I'm pretty sure she was made for this. She hopped in and out of her car, changing from one outfit to the next like a champ. Look at her sporting all four of these gorgeous outfits so effortlessly. This all happened in less than 2 hours. I'd say we make a good team :)

Here are some pictures from the shoot. Head over to the gallery if you would like to see more.