michelle laura - carlsbad

Got to spend the day with the lovely Michelle Laura. Not only is she such a great photographer, she's also an awesome model. I mean, isn't she?! We ventured out in the late afternoon looking to shoot at Carlsbad Flower Fields but it wasn't what we had imagined it to be. We were pretty restricted to where we were allowed to photograph so we had to get a little creative to get better shots. Although we were a little disappointed, it did lead us to the discovery of this sweet spot located in Carlsbad State Beach. Did you notice the little message next to Michelle in the aerial shot? I love how things have a way of working itself out sometimes. 

Don't forget to check her page out. I'm hoping to collab with her again so you might get to see more of her! Seeing her pursue photography with full force was one of the inspiring factors that led me to do the same. Hanging out with her that day reminded me how much I love being behind the camera. I came back home with what felt like a "runner's high," all ready to edit the photos I took that day. That's when I knew; I need to do this.

Funny thing. I was actually going to do something else. I ventured out with the expectation of opening a small retail business. And I was all in. But somehow, it all fell through and just like that, it didn't happen. I was pretty disappointed at that time. I gave it a rest because I thought it was over. Kind of similar to how my day with Michelle went. And now I realize, things do have a way of working itself out. Because it led me to the discovery of my passion for photography. Even though it has always been there, I just never truly realized it.. just like the little message on the rock.

As I launched this website, I started thinking about what I wanted my viewers to see. Besides wanting people to see and (hopefully) like my pictures, I wanted to give them more than that, I wanted to be a resource for anyone out there that is looking for one. I am definitely not an expert photographer but I am here to share what I do know. Hopefully, this blog will do just that. Not only can you read about some of the things that go on behind the scenes, but maybe, we can create a community where we can draw inspiration from one another as well as learn from each other.